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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Playstation Store Impressions

Along with the Firmware Update 2.30 came the new PlayStation Store. Lets face it, it would have been difficult for them to make a crappier looking/functioning store. I don’t know if I would call the new store fantastic, but it is a massive improvement. I still like it a ton over the old model nonetheless. The way of navigating the store with the D-Pad is now quite easy, but the biggest improvement in my opinion is the way its actually set out. There are now categories that are easy to get to, including All Games, Game Add-Ons, Videos, PSP Games, etc. Unfortunately there seems to be some problems with thumbnail images loading in, but I a sure that’ll be fixed. All in all, its a step in the right direction. Now…how about that in-game XMB? Or perhaps some Home?

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