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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Review

Street Fighter IV brings back 2D fighters to the front with a new visual style and balanced yet deep gameplay. Many gamers were hoping with DLC available to developers they could release the new Super version online but this was not the case. Capcom has done this before in the past with the franchise. Street Fighter II anyone? The question is does this new release deliver and was it necessary?

There has been an introduction of new characters in the Super release. The first benefit of Super Street Fighter IV is you will have all the characters unlocked from the beginning, making every character instantly selectable upon loading the game the first time unlike the original. Capcom has removed the need to play through the arcade a number of times. All the new characters have different styles meaning there is something to cover every players taste. Some of the new characters that stand out are Hakan the greased up Turk who seems very strong and Juri who is very fast.

Ten new characters have been introduced into Super Street Fighter IV but other changes include two ultra moves for all the characters new or old. You can chose which move you wish to have at your disposal before the battle. It has added more variety to the gameplay. Hakan and Juri are the only two new characters on the roster with the other eight new characters being characters that have featured in previous version in the franchise.

There have been some tweaks to the gameplay. Some of the changes have taken place with the character with them being tweaked. So the characters are now balanced and the moves are two. The game has also had some new online modes added, as well with some new challenges making the game offer more than Street Fighter IV.

Arcade mode you will find yourself coming faced with bonus stages which has brought back smashing up a car and barrels like in the previous entries in the franchise. Many gamers will have fond memories of it if they’ve followed the franchise. The arcade mode otherwise has not been changed aside from some new cutscenes. Once you have completed Arcade Mode the bonus stages become unlocked in Challenge Mode.

Online is where the game modes and changes are present. The change has only improved the community for Street Fighter players. Some of the best changes are the introduction of the replay channel, which lets users record their fights and play them back. This also keeps the best fights from the community in a whole and lets other people watch them, and learn from them in some cases. There is also the introduction of the online Team and Endless battles, this lets a group of friends play together, and chat to everyone in the room throughout play.

This delivers with the changes that have been made that easily warrant the full release. Super Street Fighter IV has once again brought 2D fighting games back to the forefront. The introduction of new characters,moves, gameplay tweaks to make it more balanced, and the introduction of new modes makes Super Street Fighter IV the game for fighter fans to own, if not the best fighter available right now.

Verdict: It is only $40 for the definitive version of Street Fighter IV with new characters, network online gameplay revamped, and new modes like Endless Battle and Team battle. If you purchased Street Fighter IV it is really worth it's value.

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