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Friday, March 28, 2008

SF FFVII: Crisis Core Launch Event at Metreon

Well I went to the FFVII: Crisis Core launch event in SF on Tues. and it was cool but disappointing. I didn't even get my copy so.. i was pretty upset. I was fortunate to have my copy preorder at Gamecrazy and funny story is I could have had game on Mon. instead but wanted to see what cool stuff was happening. The line was long and I was #202 so i missed cut off by 2 people 200 max. people. I went 1 hr. early and found some people were there since day before so yeah!!

Time: 6pm-9pm
SF Metreon 101 4th Street
Tues. 3/25

I have posted pics I got while standing in line if you were not able to attend this event...

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