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Friday, March 28, 2008

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I actually have plenty of gaming to get done this weekend. I have been busy with work and tired from other stuff going on. So, I finally get some time to kick it and get some serios gaming time in. I recently received my Dual shock 3 controller from Play-Asia and will have my impressions up soon once I try RFoM and some others. I also got my copy of Crisis Core FFVII and will likely be bustin' through that this weekend. I will have my impressions and review up soon.

Hope everyone has a beautiful and safe weekend. If you're doing some gaming, brag about it and your recent purchases in the comments.

Currently Playin': FFVII: Crisis Core, MGS Essential Collection, Resistance Fall of Man
Upcoming: Dark Sector(Multi-plat)

My purchases for this coming week are likely I'll pick up Dark Sector later in the week or rent from Gamefly.

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