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Friday, March 21, 2008

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Gaming? What's that? I actually have plenty of gaming to get done this weekend, including seeing how well the MGS Essential Collection plays revisiting MGS and MGS3. Add to that some Resistance Fall of Man if my imported Dualshock 3 Satin Silver comes in and you've got a weekend of quick reflex gaming accounted for. Not much else planned, outside of gaming! I recently finished the 6 hr. Ratchet Size Matters and the 5 hr. GoW Chains of Olympus on PSP a few weeks ago...

Hope everyone has a beautiful and safe weekend. If you're doing some gaming, brag about it and your recent purchases in the comments.

Currently Playin': MGS Essential Collection, Resistance Fall of Man
Upcoming: FFVII Crisis Core (PSP), Dark Sector(Multi-plat)

My purchases for this coming week are FFVII Crisis Core on Tues. and likely I'll pick up Dark Sector later in week or rent from Gamefly.

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